Monday, May 16, 2011

Non-descript Weekend

You know, I'm totally okay with this chilly, wet weather that keeps interrupting the inevitable summer heat.  Yesterday, we were lucky that the little rain fall we had wasn't angled towards any of the windows so we got to keep them open all day and night.  The house was completely permeated with the smells of jasmine, lavendar, sage, and the various other blooming herbs and flowers nearby.  I felt so spoiled!

I had a super productive weekend planned including some yard work, some way overdue house cleaning, and majorly reorganizing my office/craft room that I haven't been using at all because it's so trashed.

Friday after work, we took Jeff's friend, Rene, out for curry (I don't think she liked it as much as we do, but at least she was a good sport about it) and I completely forgot to reuse my Groupons!  Grrr, but we got a lot of food so we had lunch and snacks for the whole weekend.

Saturday I worked in the yard a bit clearing out pots with dead plants and organizing the patio.  I tried to level a bit of the yard for one of the new and pretty hose pots I bought last week, but the crab grass proved unmovable for me.  Besides, I couldn't get the hose out of the current space saver (and part of why I decided to switch to hose pots).  I did some weeding in the front yard and called it a day.  I spent the evening with friends lounging in the spa; it was so lovely!

Sunday found me on the couch (Jeff pretty much was the only productive one this weekend) while my friend H and Jeff worked on getting our spa wiring done.  Five minutes before the final bit of wiring was to be put in, it started raining.  I was so bummed!  I was hoping we would be able to enjoy the next rain from within the spa, but alas, that may still be true, just six months from now.

We spent the rest of Sunday playing video games and catching up on shows.

This week is a bit of a nutter for me.  Lots of social plans, plus an excursion to Sacramento for a doctor's appointment.  I'm staying with a friend and hope to make time to catch up with others.

And yet, I'm still hoping to make up for some of the cleaning I didn't do over the weekend.  I think the cats would especially appreciate it if I cleaned out their litter boxes!  Poor babies!

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