Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No More Roaches!

No More Roaches

Stupid roaches have slowly been invading my kitchen. It would seem they must have burrowed in the microwave and come over during the move from the apartment to the house. Now they hide in the electrical outlets and scurry out if I leave the dishes in the sink too long. It's really gross.

So I'm supposed to be having this graduation party on Saturday, and I'm completely embarrassed by the weird infestation of ants, roaches, and now (oddly) house flies. So last night we went to war.

I wish I would have thought to take pictures, but this article on Instructables covers the project pretty well: No More Roaches.

We got home from work, ate, and got to work making the weird blue concoction. Forty-five minutes later, the whole bottom floor was done. We should have probably done the second floor, but we're lazy. I did, however, jaunt around the front and back yards applying the mixtures under the weep-screen (trying not to block it, of course).

Commenters posted positive results, so I hope we can expect the same!