Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Beginnings

With so many planets aligned in Aries, Mercury in retrograde, and Saturn conjunct with my natal Saturn I'm compelled to start fresh...-ish.

I have a lot of varied interests, and those varied interests often get me in trouble with myself.  So many things I want to do, never enough time to do them all.

I haven't been too satisfied with my life the last couple months.  It feels like I'm moving against the flow of things, nothing ever works out the way I expect, and I'm flustered by everything.  First, I need to release some of my expectations.  Not everything goes my way, and that's fine, I accept that.  But now I need to practice that if I want to keep any semblance of my sanity. Second, I need to figure out what is really important to me.

When I think about things that I enjoy, I frequently think of physical activities: bellydancing, dancing in general, yoga, running, walking, biking, rollerskating, swimming, and so on.  The problem is I'm not doing those things.  I have a million excuses for not engaging myself in these activities too: I'm too tired; there's not enough time; I just ate; it's too late and I won't be able to sleep; I don't have the right clothes/accessories/props/equipment; my muscles are sore from the last time I did [one of the activities listed above].

I don't understand what my block is.  I need to change my behavior, clearly, but how.  Just get up and do it mentality only works seldomly (I have NO willpower).  Loss of investment (such as paying for a class in full in advance) is no motivator.

It's an area I need to seriously work on, for my health and my happiness.  I am starting a 21-day yoga challenge tomorrow.  It's just one thing I can do and then I will continue to add to my plate.

Also, I have consciously gone vegetarian for a week.  I just want to see how I do.  I have lots of reasons for wanting to go vegetarian, but that's really worth a different post.

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