Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I had the most amazing Easter weekend!  Unfortunately, I committed a lot of splurging, both with food and money.  I have no idea *how* bad as I haven't tallied everything from the weekend (and I'm much more likely to do this with the money than I am the food).  I just know it was bad and I could have exercised a great deal more  self-control.

Saturday morning, Jeff took the Dan to Storyland for an egg hunt.  Jeff said the kiddo was so excited he never stopped running!  After the egg hunt, they took to the zoo (oh yeah, annual membership already paying off).

While they were having boy-time, I was off with the girls going dress shopping for my bestie's wedding.  Now, I really hate shopping.  I'm super picky about what I wear but I actually probably made out with the best luck.  I found both my bride's maid dress and my bachelorette party dress in the first stop.  In the second stop, I tried on a dozen dresses (as did everyone else) and took home three gems, including one really hot piece I can wear to the office.

By the way, do you know how hard it is to type when a cat is persistently licking your fingers.  Gah!

After shopping, I had lunch with my friend Becky at my favorite Chinese stop, Luby's.  We gabbed for two or three hours, completely losing track of the time before remembering to check in with our men folk.  But before returning her home, I whisked her to Target to help me find Easter baskets as well as egg fillers like candy and Legos.

Easter morning, my mom came by to help with the hunt.  There were about 20 eggs in all, left over from the Dan's previous treasure hunt.  Chocolate, Legos, and money filled the egg.  The Legos were a BIG hit, although it caused some distraction while he was looking through his bounty.

We had French toast and eggs for breakfast, dropped off the kiddo with his mom, and visited our families before falling over for the night.

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