Friday, August 26, 2011

The Economy

I try not to engage in too many heated political discussions, usually because I don't have a big-picture idea of what is going on with anything at any given time.  However, I have to call big bullshit on the recession and the so-called economic recovery (that ceased to continue).

The recession called to everyone's mind manipulation tactics and waste.  More regulation was introduced to tackle manipulation (sort of) and everyone started looking at how to cut out the dead wood, or at least how to effectively cut into the three to create as much new growth as possible.

For the first time in decades, we have significant technical advancements in order to streamline tasks, enforce efficiency through monitoring, and so on.  In the midst of a "recession" big companies are making big money.  Bigger money than BEFORE the recession.  But job growth is stymied and pay on the lower rungs isn't growing to match the top.

Do you know what happens to a tree when the canopy is bigger than the trunk can support?

So Walmart is complaining that their target shoppers are running out of money and can't afford to spend money at Walmart anymore.

When the wealthy hear of distribution of wealth, they freak out that our country is being taken over by a socialist agenda.  It's just ridiculous fear-mongering.  No one is talking about moving to a communist government.  But in reality, how can you make money if you take all the money away from everyone else?  You need to give a little more if you want to maintain your income level.

I don't feel sorry for big corporations that have fewer profits each quarter.  I do feel sorry for smaller businesses that can't cut prices anymore to compete with them and make a modest living.  I feel pathetic going into a big chain store and spending my money because I need to cut corners myself to support a family on a single income.  It's a big reason I have cut down on spending altogether and try to find other means to procure stuff I do need, within reason (for example, I will never pick up couches or mattresses second-hand unless from a reputable source, like someone I know very well).

The trouble maker in me just wants to see these big companies fail already, not get bailed out, and let us restructure from the ashes.  It will suck and be a long healing process, but the Frankenstein we have created can't be all that much better.  It just further delays the inevitable.

Excuse the rant, I am just frustrated with the state of things.  I obviously have a limited view (as does everyone) and don't purport to have all the answers.  However we swing it, we all have hard work to put in towards our futures.  There's no sitting back and sipping tea thinking this is something for the "other guys" to worry about.  You don't have to agree with me, but I hope you can disagree in a constructive manner.  I am open to suggestions, thoughts, and possibilities I may not be aware of.

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