Monday, August 15, 2011


So much has happened!  So much to share!

First a note: I haven't been feeling like myself for the last week and it's been more intense over the weekend and now.  So if this takes on a sour note, I'm sorry.  Some days a bad day just keeps going on and on.

Last week I took a digital sabbatical.  This meant no blog posts (anywhere, I have three distinct blogs that are relatively topic-specific, this one being the more mundane out of the lot and where I post with the most regularity) all week, even though I really thought I wanted to write.  I cut back on my social networking and tried to keep interactions to a minimum or avoid them completely.  Mostly, I just wanted to see if I could do it.  I know I can live without it (I did for at least two decades before social networking started to rise), but I didn't know if I could keep away.  I'm mostly satisfied with how things went.  No, I wasn't productive.  Okay, that's not true, but whatever!

My biggest piece of news isn't really mine.  My best friend, Cynthia, is pregnant!  We learned a week ago Saturday.  Her husband sent me a picture of the positive stick.  I was so confused, I wasn't even sure what I was looking at or what it was telling me for longer than I'm comfortable admitting!  After so many negatives, I was just floored.  I'm so happy and excited for both of them, and I've been pleasantly drowning in babytalk with my bestie.  (By the way, she's number two.  I have another close friend who is also pregnant and a week or two further along than Cyn.  Who will be number three, since that's the way of these things?)

My next biggest news still isn't really mine:  Jeff got a job!  He's actually going to be working at the same company as me, but in sales.  We're really excited about this.  I think it will be a good environment for him to get more business experience and make connections with others.  His manager is one of my favorites, and they have really similar personalities so I think he's in a very good place.  This time next week, he'll be training for his new post!

My other big news is in fact for me!  It looks like I'll beginning my yoga teacher training sooner than expected!  I went to my last intro class a week ago Thursday and learned that they were going to be offering the training in a modular form in order to make it more accessible.  I'm still waiting on the details, but they are supposed to begin in the fall (which is like a month from now!).  Hopefully this means I won't have to dedicate all my 2012 vacation time to three-day weekends in San Francisco once a month (although, that's not really a bad thing).

This is all really fantastic news!  So why am I feeling sour?  Well, there's a lot happening behind the scenes, too.  With all of this means a sudden change to long term plans.  We have to postpone our Europe trip and once Jeff starts working, we'll need to focus on catching up on bills and potentially making a major house repair instead of more fun stuff.  My birthday trip is still on, tentatively, but I'm still really bummed out my close friends and family can't join me like we originally planned.  Also some of my closest friends are preparing to make the jump across the pond (that's leaving the country), some as soon as two months, others more like six months, but all relatively soon in the spectrum of things.

Change is good, but I feel like I'm being left out of the loop, forgotten.  It's a weird, annoying, and saddening feeling.  Everyone is fervently involved in their own major life events, too.  I hope my friends let me continue to be apart of lives and share in the excitement those events bring.


Anonymous said...

When we jump the pond, we'll hide you in a suitcase...

Mica said...

Haha, Harry! I am luggage-sized!