Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Resuming Whatever Resembles Normalcy

Things are finally starting to calm down, or (at least) take on an air that is more relaxing in nature than stressful or painful.  Last week, after a cathartic Halloween (Samhain) weekend, I finally started to feel a bit more like me.  I was still running around like a crazy woman, but it still felt better than before.

Over the past weekend, I attended the VA's Wall of Honor ceremony in which my late friend was honored with a plaque among over 270 honorees.  Although it was freezing (and Brother, I think we're even now!), the ceremony was pleasant and moving.  They released doves and after the lot of them flew towards the south-west, one straggler was late getting started.  We all giggled that it was Chris, and it is this dove pictured above.

Although the ceremony was brief, it was good to leave and then visit with some friends during an impromptu Thanksgiving get together.  It was relaxing, the food was amazing, and nothing rivals the company.  It was good to be with friends.

Sunday was spent with my friend who is leaving the country tomorrow.  Despite the fact that I needed to be at work at an ungodly hour the following morning, we stayed up late chatting, like we do.  Even though I will see her in a couple weeks when I visit to put Chris to rest, it's the long months that will follow without her present company that I dread.  I want her to be happy and to chase her dreams, but I selfishly want her to stay.  At the same time, I'm worried when I visit I won't want to leave.  

And with that, I'm gearing up for my first real international trip.  I've been to Mexico before through a cruise trip, but being on shore for a couple hours doesn't really count.  At the time, I was much more interested in the sea than the country.  I'm anxious about having enough money since the GBP and euro exchange rate isn't favorable to me, but I think even if I had tens of thousands of dollars in play money I would still be stressed.  I know everything will work out and I need not worry, but if I didn't worry I don't know how I'd fill all my spare time!  I'm getting more and more excited about it, and with that more and more nervous about it.  I've seen so many pictures of the country, but actually being there will likely be extremely overwhelming to me.  I'm glad I'll be with close company.  Money is the excuse I'm using to mask my real fears of the journey although I am having trouble identifying what those specific fears are.

In other news, I'm feeling more committed to physical exercise.  I want to build up my strength and lose a couple pounds before the trip.  I have yet to actually DO anything, but I'm more conscious of it and hope to get something in before I leave.  

I also sent an inquiry off to a Iyengar training studio in San Francisco.  Unfortunately, they want aspiring teachers to have at least two years studying with an Iyengar instructor before applying.  Even though Iyengar has always been the form I have wanted to advance in my study of yoga, it's been only recently that I have found a local Iyengar teacher.  So that is all up in the air still while I think about it further.  On the same note, a former co-worker is opening up a yoga studio this weekend and I was invited to attend the opening party.  It might be a good opportunity for me to make some more connections and have a potential outlet for student teaching and substituting.  I have no expectations, but I plan to go with an open mind and see how things play out.

This week will be busy, but in a pleasant way.  I'll need to start making checklists for my trip, and getting things in order before I leave.  

Until next time!

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