Monday, September 19, 2011

A Doozy of a Week

Wow!  Where the heck did I go?  Well, I've been here, thinking about all of you.  I've been pretty focused on work the last couple weeks, a few big projects coming into production all at about the same time.  I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.

Last week marked my fourth week on a Primal/Paleo diet.  This was the hardest week.  I wanted toast, garlic bread, tortillas, and noodles.  The first half of my week was full of falters in a time that I was hoping to knuckle down on such things.  I tried not to beat myself up too much.  At the end of the week, I lost another pound.

Aside from the weight loss, I feel better overall.  I don't have the afternoon crashes and I haven't had any episodes caused by having low blood sugar.  If I'm hungry, I acknowledge it and then I ignore it.  When I'm ready to eat my next meal, I'm hungry but I'm much less likely binge or overeat.  I feel satiated sooner.  Overall, I'm really satisfied with how I feel.  I'm going to continue attempting to lower my number of lapses.

Tuesday I went to the Central California Women's Conference with my mom.  Geena Davis was the keynote speaker at lunch and seeing her was pretty cool.  Unfortunately, she was so far away I had to watch her on a screen, so it wasn't like she was really there.  Nevertheless, she was very entertaining and I had fun hanging out with my mom.  But my mom and I both agreed that the conference lacked much in the way of substance.  I felt more like I was part of a live studio audience for an infomercial than a participant in a movement to give women better tools to succeed in today's world.  Pretty words won't do it, folks.  Over-used cliches and catchy phases (which weren't even original to the authors hawking them) began to put me to sleep about 15 minutes into the conference.  My mom's best idea of the day: play hooky and get margaritas!  I think we both had a good time hanging out together, and that's all that matters at the end of the day.

The following day my back was torn up.  I slept like the dead (from 7:30 pm Tuesday until 4:30 am Wednesday) and had been in the same position all night.  I went to work anyway and the pain would get better in the late morning and then get substantially worse in the afternoon.  I ended up just staying home Friday to give my muscles proper rest.  That helped, but I ended up pulling things again going into flight or fight mode several times through the course of Saturday night and Sunday morning due to a family emergency (everything is fine now, or will be soon enough).

Saturday I had the opportunity to volunteer for Central Valley's Pagan Pride Day.  I sadly didn't get to see any of the presenters due to schedule conflicts, but I did get to meet some amazing people, enjoy some great company, and see old friends.  The day was flawless and simply wonderful.  I'd especially like to thank a little boy named Edison for helping me so much at the Information Booth.  We both made each other's day a bit brighter.  There's a lot of potential in the community right now for more events and bigger festivals.  I'm excited to see how it blooms.

During the course of the day a couple people expressed interest in my yoga classes and a couple others suggested I teach bellydancing.  I'm absolutely elated and feel honored that they think I'm good enough of a dancer for such, but I don't know that I'm quite there yet.  Maybe, like with my yoga practice, adding bellydancing would help motivate and challenge me.  I don't know yet, but I'm seriously considering my options.

This coming week is going to be an interesting one.  My mom's birthday on Tuesday, and then mine on Sunday, and then my dad's a couple days later.  I'm going to look over the list of goals I made up sometime last year and see how I did and what needs to be adjusted.

No.  Scratch that.  I'm going to start fresh.  I'm going to make a list of goals, add steps I think will bring me closer to that goal, and throw in a list of projects (household or otherwise) I want to take on in the coming year.

Or maybe I will just supplement last year's list, afterall.  I think it will make a nice reminder of what I have accomplished over the last year.  I'm sorry, is my indecisive Libraness hurting your head, too?

Anyway, it should be interesting.  Even with the work and family crazies, I plan to make plenty of time to be introspective and think about where I want to take myself.

I hope your week is a happy one.  And don't forget, fall officially starts on Friday!  YAY!

P.S. Lookie!  I added photos!  Aren't you proud??  And they are MY photos!  That I took with my very own camera!  Enjoy it, because you know it won't last!

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