Thursday, January 20, 2011

In Over My Head...In Yarn

Oh, I'm not complaining.  I love having new projects to keep me engaged and entertained.  I currently have two commissioned projects, one just because, one past due Christmas project, and one that the boy has been asking me to make for a couple months now.

Problem is four out of the five are time-intensive projects.  The fifth isn't time intensive in itself, but I'm applying a new technique (cable braid) that requires I stop and start over frequently.  One of the four is complex. Yet another is going to be made of the sexiest yarn I've had an opportunity to work with (hand-spun and hand-dyed from Anzula Luxury Yarns).  That one I'm a little daunted by because I'm afraid the intended owner won't get to enjoy if for a full season by the time I finish which makes me kind of sad.

Oh, I forgot to include a quickie project I'm in the middle of because with my new, short 'do I found that I am in need some wide headbands.

My desk at work has a pile of yarn on it (and needles).

My side of the couch is covered in half-worked projects I keep alternating between.

My craft area in my bedroom has knitting needles and other notions splayed out so randomly, I'm surprised all my pretty bamboo needles are still in tact (and free from kitty chews).

On top of everything, I promised myself I would come up with one new item to post on my Etsy site.

I better get cracking because I still have dozens of projects I want to get to before summer sets in!  Oh, and I need to learn to sew costume bits before Ren Faire season is here.


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PS_Iloveyou said...

hehehe This is me, reading your blog!

Yay for yarn goodness, you can never had too much yarn!