Monday, December 13, 2010

Snowman Soup

Finished product in a big Jack mug.
Obviously, I sort of fell half-off the wagon so far this month.  This month is always hectic for everyone, trying to balance work and home and preparations for the holidays.  So far my boyfriend lost his job, my car had a brief stint with death (and I was totally failed by the bus system), and I began gearing up projects for my Etsy storefront.

Fortunately, Jeff is a resourceful person.  And he's pulling extra weight around the house and taking on more chores so I can spend extra time working/researching/training.  He's also cooking all our dinner meals.  So far we've done American week (my first time eating home made macaroni and cheese!) and Indian week (curries for a week, yum!).  This week is Asian week.  I've been trying to photo-document some of the food fares, but it's hard to remember to grab my camera when I walk in the door to mouth-watering goodness.  Really, I'm completely spoiled.

Tonight, Jeff, Danny, and I spent our evening making homemade snowman soup to give away for stocking stuffers.  We could have gone with premixed, hot chocolate mix with mini marshmallows that dissolve instantly when exposed to oxygen.  Instead we got a giant, plastic bin and dumped all the ingredients in, mixed them together and scooped the resulting mixture into single serving size bags.  Toss in mini candy canes, real marshmallows, and chocolate dipped spoons (some bittersweet, some milk chocolate, and some...regrettably...white *choke* know what, it's not chocolate, it's just hard, white cream candy!).  We all had a blast laughing and playing.  We taught Danny how to use measuring cups and the difference between heaping (good!) and level (boring) scoops.  If we bought premixed packets, sure it would have been faster, sure Danny and I wouldn't have been covered in hot chocolate mix.  It probably would have cost about the same.  But dammit, we had a great time knocking out about 45 servings of snowman soup.

Oh.  Drinking it was pretty good, too.

I promise I'll post more this week.

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