Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Secretly, I kind of hoped I would wake up and find snow on the ground.  Instead, I found a beautiful, red sunrise (and I'm kicking myself for not grabbing my camera).

The last few weeks, I've been giving a lot of consideration to my life and where I want to take it.  Thinking about what I have, what I want to keep, what I want to improve, and what I want to change drastically.  Most things seem to lean on the drastic.  I'm a cardinal sign, it's completely in my nature to wreak havoc on a half-started project and move onto something completely different.  Usually it's because I lose interest or get bored and need a change of scenery before I can come back and finish a project.  This time, I'm reviewing my motivations for getting where I am today and whether those motivations really had my best interests in mind.  I'm finding the motivations haven't, but in their own ways, I've had to admit reluctantly that the end results have served me in positive ways.

So now it's about finding a balance.  Instead of running screaming from old constructs, I need to find ways of improving or remodeling them to better serve me moving forward, so I can work on abandoning them completely or use my energy on other constructs.

For now, I'm off to my dad's for our traditional breakfast and present opening, but I've already received exactly what I wanted for Christmas.  Did you get what you wanted?

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