Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shampoo-less Progress

Last night marked three weeks since I gave up using shampoo and conditioner. Tuesday I was pretty disappointed with the process. Have you ever tried to spread a teaspoon of dry baking soda over your wet scalp? Not a fun process.

Yesterday, I put probably a 1/4 cup of baking soda in a large cup I keep in the shower and dampened it in order to make a "paste". Said "paste" was more like a liquid, but nevertheless, I turned the cup upside down and plopped it on my head. I used my fingertips to massage it over my scalp, then wet a washcloth and used that to massage my scalp, too. I rinsed, but skipped the vinegar this time. It was still easy to comb.

Once it dried, my hair wasn't oily or sticky at all. It was clean and actually shimmered in the sunlight (I don't care if it was from baking soda residue, it freaking shimmered!). Today, it's just as nice, if a little flat from blowdrying yesterday.

Yay! I love progress.

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