Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I did nothing remotely like exercise all week last week!  Okay, well, I did do a very little bit of gardening on Sunday.  Oh, and I did some yoga classes Thursday and Saturday (not to mention the bits I do throughout the week when no one is looking).  I guess I also did a bit of lifting and running around while doing a major purge and household cleaning.

That's all a lot more than nothing, isn't it?  At least I enjoyed myself while getting some exercise.

This week I'm starting fresh.  Monday was my off day.  I mean, it's Monday!  Starting things on a Monday is just a terrible idea for me.  Okay, true story, I promised myself I would start busting my butt first thing Monday morning but I didn't.  I had a hard time getting up due to some soreness onset by Sunday's crazy time.  When I did get up, I remembered I was out of coffee and went straight to the floor...to do some yoga.  Proud moment there!  It was then that I decided that starting things on a Monday was dumb.  Also, moving in the mornings is difficult.  I plan on keeping my mornings quiet with yoga and meditation and some serious kitteh cuddle time.  Mind you, I have no choice in the last matter.  I have been in downward-facing dog before only to have an impatient cat climb up my shoulders and back to settle in.

Seriously, I wish someone snag a pic of what I have to put up with.
However, afternoons will be for serious workout time.  Tuesdays, for the next four weeks, will include Zumba (thanks to a $10 Groupon) at La Bella Dance Company in Clovis.  Two hundred and five people purchased this Groupon, and it's only good through the end of August on Tuesdays.  This is going to be insane!

Wednesdays, Fridays will be whatever night.  Running, jumping, climbing trees...sorry, started channeling Eddie Izzard.  Running, Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, dancing (including dance games), whatever gets my heart rate up (sorry, yoga!) and gets me sweating.

Thursdays, for the next two weeks, I'll be working on the intro to yoga class in the evening.  This will get rotated through the week once the intro class is over depending on funds and my availability.

Weekends will be preoccupied with gardening, hiking, swimming and whatever else I can fit in.  I'm considering getting one of those beach cruisers so I can do some bicycling, but we'll see.  

Hopefully I can keep things fresh and fun and get out of my funk.  I've been holding strong since July 5 at 188.  I'm feeling the standard disenchantment I usually do at this stage.  To boot, my birthday is two months away, and I want to looking fucking amazing in my birthday pictures.  At least, as amazing as one not-so-photogenic person can be.  This is going to require some hard work.  It's going to be an uphill battle.

All that said, I haven't gained weight and I've been feeling pretty good.  In fact, I've been getting a few compliments about how I'm looking good, glowing, more energetic, sexy, and so on.  These are all good things (read: friends, please keep it coming!).  I wish that were enough, but it isn't.  The vanity is just...too...strong.  I have an ambitious goal for my birthday (the little 3-0, "Because I am so dwarfish and so low?").  Wish me luck!

Here's a glowing tiger because it's pretty.

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